Lego Batman Movie criticised as "pro-gay propaganda" by conservative blog
- February 27, 2017

He's a founding member of the Teen Titans, fighting alongside other high profile young DC heroes such as Wonder Girl, Kid Flash , Speedy and Cyborg during their youth. The Nightwing project joins Warner Bros.' growing DC extended universe as the studio focuses on mining some of DC's most-beloved characters for new films. (more...)
Producer Simon Kinberg on Plans for a 'Fantastic Four' Sequel Producer Simon Kinberg on Plans for a 'Fantastic Four' Sequel
- February 25, 2017

That might be about to change, with The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline both reporting that Kinberg is supposedly in ongoing talks to direct the next, still untitled, movie in the X-Men universe. Between Deadpool taking off, Logan's big farewell for Jackman's Wolverine, the plans for a New Mutants movie and the newfound success of Legion on FX, the X-Men themselves may now be the weakest part of their own extended cinematic universe. (more...)
Bryan Singer's 'X-Men' TV Pilot Casts Jamie Chung as Blink Bryan Singer's 'X-Men' TV Pilot Casts Jamie Chung as Blink
- February 24, 2017

We don't know the title yet for Nix's series, but we know it's an action adventure story featuring a family with mutant children living on the run. If the "underground network" hides mutants from a hostile government, could they be hiding them in other dimensions? However, Blink's elevation to regular status in the upcoming series hints that this upcoming X-Men show might have its sights on telling a fairly unconventional mutant story, not unlike FX's current X-Men series, Legion . (more...)
The Predator: First look at cast of Shane Black's monster reboot The Predator: First look at cast of Shane Black's monster reboot
- February 24, 2017

Last year, Black explained that The Predator would have a much larger scale than the previous films in the franchise. Black wrote on his Twitter post: "Partial cast ... I think there's an expansion that needs to take place, and also just a love for that era, that movie, and the mythology of the Predator. Shane Black is directing from a script by Fred Dekker. (more...)
Will Ellie Goulding Win for British Female Solo Artist?
- February 23, 2017

The four-member band, who found fame on television show " The X Factor ", opened the awards show, which mainly honours British music and artists, with a lively performance of the song. There's something about understated style and the Brit Awards that just doesn't go together, but that's why we love them, right? Emeli Sande won her fourth BRIT award , crowned Best British Female Solo Artist for a second time. (more...)
Crowdfunding Project Launched for Enormous David Bowie Memorial Sculpture in Brixton
- February 23, 2017

The proposed installation will see a three-dimensional, three-storey version of Bowie's iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt constructed in central Brixton, built from steel and painted red and blue. The designers have started a crowdfunding campaign in an attempt to raise £990,000 ($1.23 million). If the campaign reaches its funding goal, it would be the second successfully crowdfunded Bowie memorial since the singer passed away in January of past year. (more...)
Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel preparing for 'standoff' with nominee Matt Damon Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel preparing for 'standoff' with nominee Matt Damon
- February 23, 2017

In an interview with Variety timed to his big hosting gig this coming weekend (not that Kimmel is putting any sort of pressure on himself or anything), the emcee said he thought "Deadpool" should have been among the nominees for the night's biggest honor. (more...)
Mariah Carey & YG Perform 'I Don't' on Jimmy Kimmel Live Mariah Carey & YG Perform 'I Don't' on Jimmy Kimmel Live
- February 19, 2017

Though she didn't reference her NYE performance, Carey has spoken about it in the past. The Elusive Chanteuse gave her first live performance since she was "foiled" in Times Square, and let's just say the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live showed no signs of wanting to sabotage her! Carey said in a Facebook Live Q&A earlier this month that " I Don't " doesn't necessarily point to an album, and that she's excited simply to launch new songs as they come to her. (more...)
Lisa Marie Presley's twin daughters, 8, taken by social services
- February 18, 2017

Lisa Marie, daughter of Elvis Presley , claims almost all of her $300M fortune is gone and says she is unable to pay the $40K/mo spousal support and $100K in legal fees that Lockwood is demanding. Presley is reportedly living with her eldest daughter, Riley Keough. Lockwood has posted on social media about his visits with the girls. The actress also states she earns a little over £3,220 for a job she keeps at Graceland, which she claims is primarily to keep health insurance for herself, ... (more...)
Kanye West's Producer Says Rapper's Memory Is Returning Following Hospitalization Kanye West's Producer Says Rapper's Memory Is Returning Following Hospitalization
- February 16, 2017

Yusef's remarks to celebrity news outlet PopSugar at Sunday's Grammy awards were the first details of West's recovery after his sudden hospitalization in November for what was first said to be exhaustion. New reports revealed that Kim devastated upon finding her husband is dealing with memory loss. The 39-year-old rapper-producer spent nine days at UCLA Medical Center after suffering "temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration". (more...)
'Hot felon' Jeremy Meeks makes New York Fashion Week debut
- February 15, 2017

It looks like Meeks made good use of his time at fashion week as well to make some friends in high places - he posted a picture on his Instagram with French fashion doyenne Carine Roitfeld , which means we're probably going to be seeing a lot more of the "Hot Felon" in the fashion world soon. (more...)
Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Perform Moana Song at the Academy Awards
- February 12, 2017

Seventeen-time Grammy victor Sting, who earned a Tony nomination for the score toThe Last Ship, will perform his nominated song " The Empty Chair " from the documentary Jim: The James Foley Story . John Legend will sing two tracks from La La Land , which he didn't actually perform in the movie, but he's probably a little better suited to the live performances than Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone, who'll be nervous enough on the night anyway since they're up for Best Actor and Actress, ... (more...)
The Walking Dead season 7 remaining episode titles and plot details revealed
- February 10, 2017

Meanwhile, has posted the synopsis for "The Walking Dead" Episode 9 which is titled "Rock on the Road". But how would The Walking Dead continue without its central character - or even without another fan favourite? As Rick will have the time of his life in " The Walking Dead " Season 7, this might imply that he has the chance to put Negan down. (more...)
Taylor Swift Shocker: Her Only Concert of 2017
- February 06, 2017

Swift also thought it would be appropriate to debut her latest single "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" for the first time live. Taylor Swift gives a rousing piano performance of her song, "All Too Well" during DIRECTV NOW's Super Saturday Night event. (more...)
Lady Gaga to announce wold tour right after Super-Bowl half-time show Lady Gaga to announce wold tour right after Super-Bowl half-time show
- February 03, 2017

Meanwhile, Gaga is reportedly set to announce her world tour the day after her Super Bowl half-time show. On the topic of Bey , Gaga did reveal that she sent the singer flowers to congratulate her on her pregnancy. Then, smack dab in the middle of 2010, she released arguably her greatest work - the generation-defining "Bad Romance". This isn't like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' show, where we all knew it'd be a bunch of past-their-prime dudes singing their hits. (more...)
DeVos nomination clears Senate committee DeVos nomination clears Senate committee
- February 01, 2017

The vote couldn't have been much closer: The 12-11 vote was evenly split along party lines, with Republicans on the committee unanimously voting in support of the MI billionaire. Fox 59 said in DeVos's defense that over 1,000 questions were answered in her name, which means that there is a likelihood that some staffers and aids helped answer them. (more...)
French 'Amour' star Emmanuelle Riva dies at 89 French 'Amour' star Emmanuelle Riva dies at 89
- January 30, 2017

That's where famed French New Wave pioneer Alain Resnais spotted her, and he quickly cast her in her first leading feature role in " Hiroshima Monday Amour ". She was happy with the news of her Oscar nomination. She appeared in more than seventy feature films in the half century since she began acting, and had a rare, subtle talent as an actress, giving each of her characters unexpected depth and empathy-often without speaking a word of dialogue. (more...)
Oscar nominations 2017 live full list
- January 30, 2017

But " Moonlight ", "Manchester by the Sea", "Hidden Figures", "Fences" and "Lion" all had strong showings. Best-actor favorite Casey Affleck (" Manchester by the Sea ") was joined by Washington, Gosling, Garfield and Viggo Mortensen (" Captain Fantastic "). (more...)
Trump's Controversial U.S.-Russia Reset Begins Trump's Controversial U.S.-Russia Reset Begins
- January 29, 2017

The day caps off a dizzying nine-day stretch in which the new president appeared to be in perpetual motion, signing 15 executive actions, speaking to 11 world leaders, visiting three federal agencies and, on Friday, hosting British Prime Minister Theresa May. (more...)
Record-breaking comedy star Mary Tyler Moore dies at 80
- January 28, 2017

In the post, White made a statement that was short but sweet, memorializing Moore during her TV heyday. "She designed it especially for me", Moore says gamely, in the same spirit that she is trying to summon up as she wears the thing. Instead, they gave it to Sissy Spacek for " Coal Miner's Daughter", a nice, showy piece of Oscar business-as-usual. Aspects of Mary's story were unlikely: she had moved to Minneapolis to escape a doomed engagement, applied to be a secretary at a news station, ... (more...)