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Aleppo civilians try to flee as Syria army advances
- November 26, 2016

The renewed fighting comes amid global concern for the fate of more than 250,000 civilians trapped in besieged rebel-held areas of Aleppo. "On Tuesday night, around 100 families gathered near a passage from the Bustan Al Basha district to cross to Sheikh Maqsud", said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. (more...)
Talks To Upgrade Deal With Chile Talks To Upgrade Deal With Chile
- November 25, 2016

Chile is the first South American nation that forged diplomatic ties with China, the first Latin American country that signed a bilateral accord with China on China's entry into the World Trade Organization and signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with China. (more...)
Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran will retaliate if U.S. violates nuclear deal
- November 24, 2016

A recent report from the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency said Tehran had more heavy water in storage than called for by the agreement between it and six world powers. Iran's top leader has warned that renewal of a decades-old sanction on his country will lead to reaction by Tehran. Khamenei said it is too early to judge the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump . (more...)
NRCC Endorses Pelosi For Minority Leader NRCC Endorses Pelosi For Minority Leader
- November 22, 2016

Pelosi has remained confident of her support within the caucus, saying at a press conference Thursday she has support of at least two-thirds of the Democratic members - and that's "without having asked for their vote yet". Ryan sent a letter to those in the House Democratic Caucus, announcing his intentions to run in leadership elections. "Leadership elections were supposed to be held today", reported Emanuel, "They were bumped back". (more...)
French conservative primaries race tightening, Juppe still ahead
- November 20, 2016

PARIS France's former prime minister Alain Juppe is fighting an increasingly tight race to win the conservatives' nomination for next year's presidential election, an Ifop-Fiducial poll for Sud Radio showed on Thursday. 27. Until Fillon's campaign gathered paced, the bruising campaign battle had focused on the duel between Juppe and Sarkozy and their very different policy platforms, both seeking to counter the rise of populism that threatens mainstream parties in Europe. (more...)
Obama administration suspends vote effort for TPP deal Obama administration suspends vote effort for TPP deal
- November 18, 2016

Obama's term. Peru's president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski also raised the possibility yesterday that a TPP-like deal including Russian Federation and China instead of the United States could be an option. The Obama administration has long argued TPP is essential to shoring up America's influence in the Asia-Pacific region and providing a boost to American businesses. (more...)
FBI Reports Increase in Hate Crimes in 2015
- November 17, 2016

There were 257 reports of assaults , attacks on mosques and other hate crimes against Muslims previous year, a jump of about 67 percent over 2014. According to the map, with the exceptions of Colorado, Vermont, and DE, each state that voted "blue" in the 2016 election has seen instances of violence and hate fueled by Trump and his rhetoric, showing that even left-leaning and progressive states can't fully protect residents. (more...)
Jeb Bush backs campaign to lift MA charter school cap Jeb Bush backs campaign to lift MA charter school cap
- November 10, 2016

Stacy Blanco's four children have attended the Holyoke community charter school. The complaint followed an International Business Times and MapLight investigative report , which found that executives at eight firms contracted to manage MA state pension money have contributed at least $778,000 to groups supporting Question 2. (more...)
Clinton calls Trump to congratulate him on victory Clinton calls Trump to congratulate him on victory
- November 10, 2016

Clinton's campaign was trying to make sense of a dramatic election night in which Trump captured battleground states like Florida, North Carolina and OH and demolished a longstanding "blue wall" of states in the Upper Midwest that had backed every Democratic presidential candidate since Clinton's husband won the presidency in 1992. (more...)
Syrian Kurds push ahead in their offensive toward Raqqa Syrian Kurds push ahead in their offensive toward Raqqa
- November 08, 2016

Tensions are exacerbated by Russian and Syrian forces on one side and Turkish-backed forces on another. Battling the extremist group out of the city is expected to last for several weeks given that the offensive on Mosul in Iraq is heading towards its fourth week and the Iraqi forces are yet to enter the city. (more...)
Ex-Vanderbilt player sentenced to 17 years Ex-Vanderbilt player sentenced to 17 years
- November 06, 2016

On Friday, former Vanderbilt University student Brandon Vandenburg was sentenced to 17-years behind bars for helping rape his then-girlfriend in his dorm room. "I am ashamed of myself that I was so irresponsible with alcohol, which led to something tragic". "I was living out my dream and in an instant, it all changed", Vandenburg said. (more...)
Lady Gaga Will Perform At This Year's Victoria's Secret Show Lady Gaga Will Perform At This Year's Victoria's Secret Show
- November 03, 2016

The Weeknd (who also dates first-timer Bella Hadid ) performed just past year alongside Selena Gomez and Rihanna , while Mars took the stage back in 2012 with Justin Bieber and Rihanna (again). Interestingly, The Weeknd is dating Bella Hadid , who's walking in the show. For almost 15 years, Victoria's Secret has partnered with Swarovski to add all kinds of shimmer to its fashion show creations, and Stylish has a sneak peek at the most dazzling crystal-studded ensemble in the ... (more...)
FBI releases archive of documents from investigation into Bill Clinton pardon case
- November 03, 2016

The Clinton Campaign has asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to release all information about the case. On Monday, she warned against giving Trump the authority to order a nuclear attack, bringing along a former nuclear launch officer to bolster her point. (more...)
Here's What Happens to Obama's @POTUS Handle in 2017
- November 02, 2016

But the Obama administration does note that they want all this material to be accessible in real-time to anyone who's interested in viewing or using it. All of Obama's tweets and posts on other social media sites will be preserved in the National Archives Electronic Era Archives . The account will retain its 11 million followers but start with no tweets. (more...)
Kim may not attend gala honoring late father Kim may not attend gala honoring late father
- November 02, 2016

We hadn't heard directly from Kim since a group of men broke into her apartment, tied her up and made off with millions of dollars worth of her jewelry. A source inside the show noted to ET that Kim had a dozen or so armed guards with her, and was joined by her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian , and good friend, Jonathan Cheban . (more...)
Battle for Mosul: Forces Seek to Free ISIS-Held Christian Towns Battle for Mosul: Forces Seek to Free ISIS-Held Christian Towns
- November 02, 2016

In addition to the Iraqi regular army, the offensive force includes Kurdish militias and the US-led coalition, which is to provide air support for the ground force. "Bartella is the eastern gate of Mosul ", said the spokesman, adding that it was the first CTS operation in this battle. Williams is with Kurdish forces along the main road into Mosul . (more...)
Iceland votes in snap polls after Panama Papers scandal Iceland votes in snap polls after Panama Papers scandal
- October 30, 2016

Icelanders' faith in their political and financial establishment was shaken after the 2008 financial crisis and further eroded this year when several senior government figures implicated in global tax evasion were outed by the release of the so-called Panama Papers. (more...)
US says Iraqis have retaken 40 villages from IS near Mosul
- October 29, 2016

During cleanup operations in the area of Tob Zawa, his men found a tire shop that had been converted into a factory for making roadside bombs and attaching armor to vehicles. Iraqi Security Forces reported further progress Friday in their advance from the south of Mosul, the country's second city. He said that 57 Iraqi and 30 Peshmerga forces were also killed during the operation. (more...)
Fires broke out amid evacuation of French migrant camp
- October 27, 2016

According to Help Refugees, registration for minors halted on Wednesday morning. The transit centre on site remained open on Wednesday night for migrants wishing to be resettled in one of 450 reception centres scattered across France. "I never learned to write", he said. "Children need to be registered before they can go into safe accommodation", she told Al Jazeera. French firefighters are now putting out the smoking embers. (more...)
I arrest in support of 'Democracy Now!' reporter I arrest in support of 'Democracy Now!' reporter
- October 25, 2016

The charges against Goodman have been denounced by press freedom advocates. The original charge filed against Goodman was for criminal trespass, but it was dismissed on Friday after Erickson filed the riot charge. A judge dismissed a complaint Monday against Democracy Now journalist Amy Goodman , who reported on a clash between pipeline protesters and private security in September. (more...)