US predicts UN will swiftly condemn North Korea launches
- August 05, 2016

Both missiles were were launched simultaneously according to a statement from Stratcom, which said the missiles did "not post a threat to North Korea ". local time. Yesterday, on a visit to South Korea, Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning said that the USA had allowed a group of South Korean reporters to visit the THAAD battery in Guam to check the electromagnetic waves for themselves. (more...)
Pennsylvania Emergency Team Deployed To Maryland After Historic Flooding
- August 01, 2016

Courtney Weglein told CNN affiliate WJZ the water got so high in Ellicott City Saturday night that a man had to be carried to safety. Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman said the flooding in Ellicott City , about 35 miles (56 km) northeast of Washington, was worse than that from Hurricane Agnes in 1972. (more...)
Fiat Chrysler Q2 Earnings Jump, Raises Full Year Profit, Sales Targets Fiat Chrysler Q2 Earnings Jump, Raises Full Year Profit, Sales Targets
- July 28, 2016

FCA shares opened USA trading 0.8 percent higher, at $7.06. In Europe EBIT increased to 143 million euros from 57 million a year earlier as passenger auto shipments jumped 13 percent to 292,000 and light van sales rose 16 percent to 175,000. (more...)
Fiat Chrysler Invests $1.5 Billion to Retool for Ram Pickups Fiat Chrysler Invests $1.5 Billion to Retool for Ram Pickups
- July 27, 2016

DETROIT, July 25 An internal review that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles conducted from mid-2015 found that USA sales figures were inflated by 5,000 to 6,000 vehicles, partly amid pressure to keep the company's year-over-year monthly sales streak alive, the Automotive News reported Monday, citing two sources at FCA. (more...)
Confirmed cases of Zika virus soar in Switzerland
- July 27, 2016

Up to 1.6 million child-bearing women in Central and South America may be at risk for infection with the Zika virus by the end of the first phase of the epidemic, new research suggests. To improve definitive diagnosis among pregnant women with Zika virus infection, the CDC therefore recommends extending the timeframe for real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) testing to 2 weeks and including rRT-PCR testing for some asymptomatic pregnant women. (more...)
Partners Expect Potential Fallout From Verizon's $4.83B Yahoo Acquisition
- July 26, 2016

Barclays said last month Verizon could save $500 million a year in costs of acquiring internet traffic and other expenses by buying Yahoo's internet business. Eventually those assets will become their own publicly traded investment company, with a new name. Though Yahoo is ending its 22 years as an independent company, the company will continue to live on at Verizon . (more...)
Obanacare insurance rates jump Obanacare insurance rates jump
- July 22, 2016

Trying to deflect the impact from possible Democratic political motives in shoehorning over a half a million illegal aliens into Covered California coverage just before the November elections, Covered California officials blamed the this year's premium increases, which will hit 1.4 million enrollees, on the irresponsible actions of the state's two biggest insurers. (more...)
Delta flight mistakenly lands at air force base in South Dakota Delta flight mistakenly lands at air force base in South Dakota
- July 10, 2016

Oops: Some 130 Delta passengers were stuck on the tarmac for hours Thursday night after they were mistakenly taken to a military airport instead of a civilian one. Federal officials are investigating the incident. The pilots were fired after that incident. The pilots of that plane were eventually fired, according to media reports at the time, and the 117 passengers were offered free tickets to anywhere in the continental United States. (more...)
Super-typhoon Nepartak takes aim at Taiwan Super-typhoon Nepartak takes aim at Taiwan
- July 07, 2016

From there, Nepartak will move towards southeast China. Insurance, reinsurance and ILS interests should watch typhoon Nepartak closely, as the forecasts have been upgraded in intensity recently as forecasters become more certain of the storms potential to cause damage. (more...)
Amazon Prime Day: 8 things to know about 2016's day of deals Amazon Prime Day: 8 things to know about 2016's day of deals
- July 07, 2016

The e-retail giant is slashing the price of the Segway MiniPro hoverboard by $200, and touting some of the biggest deals from its marketplace sellers, which sold more than 14 million items to Prime members previous year, according to CNET. (more...)
AIIB board of directors approves first loans ahead of inaugural annual meeting
- June 26, 2016

She also suggested the bank invest in innovative and energy-efficient urban infrastructure projects, and focus on improving trade and the economic competitiveness of Asia through better connectivity. Zhang also said that China will contribute $50 million to a new fund set up by the AIIB to support member countries with project preparations. BEIJING , June 24 The China-backed Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank's (AIIB) board of directors approved $509 million in investments across its first ... (more...)
House Democrats to Huddle on End Game After Chaotic Sit
- June 24, 2016

Larson and other Democrats cited polls showing broad public support for expanding background checks for firearms purchases and blocking suspected terrorists from buying guns. Jim Clyburn said. "Thank you John Lewis for leading on gun violence where we need it most", President Barack Obama tweeted. Florida Democrat Corrine Brown began shouting back and the two had to be separated by colleagues as they came within inches of each other. (more...)
Solar-powered plane lands in Spain
- June 24, 2016

Batteries overheated during the Pacific Ocean crossing, but subsequent flights to California, and across the United States, were free of reported technical issues. While the Solar Impulse team's main goal is to cross the world, it has set multiple marks on the way. Borschberg piloted a 8,924-kilometre flight between Japan and Hawaii that lasted 118 hours, smashing the previous record for the longest uninterrupted journey in aviation history. (more...)
Local lawmakers react to President Obama's speech in Yosemite
- June 22, 2016

The president and first lady Michelle Obama gave the initiative a boost Saturday by handing out free passes to the fourth-graders, who hail from the Livingston Police Explorers Program and Miraloma Elementary School in San Francisco, at the base of Yosemite Falls. (more...)
Central Bank Of Nigeria announces new Flexible Forex regime Central Bank Of Nigeria announces new Flexible Forex regime
- June 16, 2016

Emefiele also revealed that the new price of the Naira in regards to exchange rate will be made public when the market opens officially on Monday. This, industry watchers believe, will set the stage for the devaluation of the Naira. The CBN says it reserves the rights to change the operational guidelines stated in the document below "from time to time". Many had expected the government to devalue, but not enough. (more...)
NHL settles on Las Vegas for expansion
- June 15, 2016

Around 11:30 MST on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported the National Hockey League would expand into Las Vegas per an anonymous source . The AP is reporting that the NHL has chose to expand and has settled on Vegas as the city that will host an expansion team-as long as organizers of that team can come up with a $500 million fee to get into the league. (more...)
French elite forces down burgers to foil McHeist French elite forces down burgers to foil McHeist
- June 10, 2016

Investigators said the men fired a shotgun in the air Sunday night at the fast food restaurant in Besancon, threatening guests and ordering the staff to open a register that contained $2,300 in cash, The Telegraph reports. Consequently, rescuing McDonald's customers and taking down armed robbers was well within their remit, especially when they'd had their dinners so rudely interrupted. (more...)
Defective Takata Air Bags Still Being Installed In New Cars
- June 08, 2016

It also says the inflators were uniquely made for GM trucks and SUVs with greater venting and machined steel end caps. Volkswagen AG, Jaguar-Land Rover, BMW AG, Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Vans have recalled smaller numbers of vehicles. (more...)
Ringgit opens higher against US$
- June 08, 2016

Asian shares were mixed Friday as investors awaited a report later in the day and action from the U.S. Federal Reserve later in the month. Commodities priced in U.S. Overnight, iron-ore prices gained 2.1%, copper rose 0.2% and gold was up 0.1%, according to brokerage firm IG. The stock added 59 cents to $18.92. German 10-year Bunds, the benchmark for euro zone borrowing costs, dipped to 0.069 percent, shrugging off a deeper-than-expected fall in German industrial orders. (more...)
IMD update shows long-range monsoon rainfall above 104% of normal IMD update shows long-range monsoon rainfall above 104% of normal
- June 04, 2016

The forecasts for the monthly rainfall for July & August over the country as a whole and for the season rainfall for the 4 broad geographical regions of India (NW India, NE India, Central India and South Peninsula) have been issued using a 6-parameter Ensemble Forecasting System. (more...)