ESPN Predicts Patriots Will Lose To Cardinals, Broncos, Jets This Season ESPN Predicts Patriots Will Lose To Cardinals, Broncos, Jets This Season
- April 16, 2016

Additionally, as the defending AFC East Champions, the Patriots will play the first-place team of the AFC South ( Houston ) and AFC West (Denver). The New England Patriots will open the 2016 National Football League season on the road on a Sunday night against the Arizona Cardinals . Last year's Week 17 game was a 36-6 blowout that the Cardinals tried to downplay but actually served as more of a sign of things to come than anyone wanted to admit at the time. (more...)
Tiger attacks, kills veteran keeper at Palm Beach Zoo Tiger attacks, kills veteran keeper at Palm Beach Zoo
- April 16, 2016

The tiger was tranquilized and authorities had to wait until the sedative took effect before they could come to Konwiser's aide, West Palm Beach police spokeswoman Lori Colombino said. The tiger was quickly subdued and officials treated the injured woman who was then rushed to St. Mary's Medical Center, the newspaper reported. According to reports, the incident occurred at around 2 p.m. (more...)
Packers will open season on road Packers will open season on road
- April 16, 2016

The last time the Vikings played in Philadelphia was during their miserable 2010 season, when a winter storm (that never happened) caused a Sunday night game to be postponed to Tuesday night. It will be the team's third prime time of the season, so apparently the National Football League is bullish on the Vikings. The Packers most recently had the early Week 4 bye in 2013. (more...)
Sanders Supporter Tells Crowd Not to Elect 'Democratic Whores,' Then Swiftly Apologizes
- April 15, 2016

The hashtag #DemocraticWhores trended on Twitter well into Thursday morning, both in New York City and nationally. Seated at left is the Rev. Al Sharpton. In the Republican primary, the demographics are reversed, with more than half of the GOP voters living upstate. Sanders hasn't made an issue of Clinton's use of a personal e-mail server while secretary of State. (more...)
NASA's planet-hunting Kepler Spacecraft in emergency mode
- April 15, 2016

Nasa has confirmed its Kepler alien planet hunting telescope was back on line after losing touch with it over the weekend. Last year, NASA announced it had located a planet and star closely resembling Earth and the sun. At a distance of 75 million miles away, it is immensely hard to fix Kepler's issues. It has continued to find more potential life-bearing planets, including 234 new candidates in 2014. (more...)
Deadline coming for taxpayers to claim tax refunds for 2012 Deadline coming for taxpayers to claim tax refunds for 2012
- April 15, 2016

IRS Publication 17 , Your Federal Income Tax, is a complete tax resource that you can read on "In Wisconsin, the IRS expects to receive 126,000 extension requests this year, so a lot of people do choose that option". Last year, the IRS issued 109 million refunds. Use Direct Deposit . The fastest and safest way to get your refund is to combine e-file with direct deposit. (more...)
Livestream's clever Mevo camera adds Facebook Live support Livestream's clever Mevo camera adds Facebook Live support
- April 14, 2016

So no, TV execs aren't gnashing their teeth over the fact that a Facebook Live stream drew such a large concurrent audience while their networks are spending tens of millions of dollars on low-rated series. "We are accepting partners into Rights Manager on the basis of their needs", a Facebook spokeswoman said. Facebook launched its live video service previous year figures before offering the option of live streaming to regular people, too. (more...)
USB 3.0 Promoter Group Defines Authentication Protocol for USB Type-C™ USB 3.0 Promoter Group Defines Authentication Protocol for USB Type-C™
- April 14, 2016

The authentication specs for the Type-C connector provide a number of security features to protect users' hardware, including a standard protocol for authenticating all certified USB Type-C devices, cables, and power sources. If you try to plug your laptop into a non-compliant USB Type-C charger, the laptop won't fry. The specification is aiming for 128-bit security for all cryptographic methods. (more...)
SpaceX delivers world's 1st inflatable room for astronauts
- April 13, 2016

Among the nearly 7,000 pounds (3,200 kilograms) of items inside the Dragon spacecraft is the 3,100-pound (1,400-kilogram) Bigelow Expandable Activity Module ( BEAM ), a $17.8-million project that will be attached to the ISS to test the use of an inflatable space habitat in microgravity. (more...)
Tesla recalling 2700 Model X SUVs for seat defect
- April 13, 2016

In the interim, Tesla says it's perfectly safe for owners to continue to drive their Model X although they advise against having anyone sit in the third-row seats until the issue is resolved. It's likely that the only people who can afford to buy a Model X-which has an MSRP of $132,000-also happen to have some very, very great lawyers on their payroll. (more...)
South Africa's ruling ANC on a path to 'polarization' South Africa's ruling ANC on a path to 'polarization'
- April 13, 2016

In that sense, ironically, President Zuma has united the country in its collective disgust and outrage as well as simple old gatvolness at the lies, deceit and political double-speak. Frank Chikane, former secretary general of SACC in the height of the anti-apartheid struggles between 1970 and 1980, said the demand for Zuma to step down was not about "changing the regime". (more...)
Apple Watch 2 reported to sport same design, new internals Apple Watch 2 reported to sport same design, new internals
- April 12, 2016

Even the iPhone 6s 16GB, the most advanced iPhone released in India by Apple , retails at Rs. 45,000 online, less than what the iPhone SE 64GB costs with lesser specs. It's also possible the company will introduce the wearable alongside the upcoming iPhone 7 in September. Kuo went on to describe demand of the new unit to be "significantly lower" than other models. (more...)
Bernie Sanders wins Democratic presidential caucuses in Wyoming
- April 11, 2016

That was in addition to another 21 delegates Cruz won in the state through a series of county elections, for a total of 34. "Thank you Colorado for another resounding victory!" In an endorsement interview with the editorial board of The Daily News of New York , Sanders demonstrated he didn't have a good grasp of how big banks could be broken up under current law, or the consequences of that happening for bank employees. (more...)
SpaceX makes historic rocket landing SpaceX makes historic rocket landing
- April 11, 2016

So what can top an historic rocket landing out at sea? SpaceX's last attempt to land Falcon 9 on an ocean barge came so close as at the last second the rocket came in too fast for reentry. Among those supplies are materials to assist with dozens of about 250 on-board science and research investigations, SpaceX said. The BEAM is of particular interest because it could have implications not only for ISS hardware, but for potential habitats going to Mars, said John Logsdon, professor ... (more...)
First Guy to Get Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Gives His Review
- April 09, 2016

Luckey flew all the way to Alaska to hand-deliver the Oculus Rift to Martin. The first customer to receive the consumer version of Oculus Rift, which began shipping this week, has a rave review after playing with some of the virtual reality experiences offered through the headset. (more...)
World Bank to mobilise $25b to fight climate change World Bank to mobilise $25b to fight climate change
- April 09, 2016

Published yesterday, the plan includes a number of ambitious targets, including to quadrupling funding for resilient transport systems and leveraging $33bn in private sector financing in addition to the bank's own within five years. The World Bank Group will create special teams of specialists to work with countries to generate a robust pipeline of bankable projects, focusing on rooftop solar and boosting the growth of distributed solar in Sub-Saharan Africa. (more...)
Sanders questions if Clinton is 'qualified' to be president
- April 08, 2016

Amid the new tactics, a Super PAC supporting Clinton's bid for the Democratic nomination in the November 8 presidential election has circulated comparisons between Sanders and Republican front-runner Donald Trump . "When it comes to guns we have a really serious difference and I was appalled that Sen". Asked if the Federal Reserve had that authority, he said, "Well, I don't know if the Fed has it. (more...)
Reddit Launches Official iOS App Reddit Launches Official iOS App
- April 08, 2016

Today, Reddit launched a new official iOS client called appropriately, Reddit . Users will no longer be able to download Alien Blue , and the company is also trying to figure out how to beat back competition from other third-party developers. (more...)
SpaceX launch to send expandable habitat to ISS
- April 08, 2016

If successfully tested and sufficiently protective, BEAM may represent a significant stepping stone for future space travel. The book is scheduled for publication in November 2017 and will be written with Margaret Lazarus Dean. The Friday launch is "the big enchilada" - a true test of whether his inflatable modules will be suitable for more exotic missions, including bases on the moon and beyond. (more...)
China Private Sector Growth At 11-Month High China Private Sector Growth At 11-Month High
- April 07, 2016

Caixin's composite manufacturing and services PMI showed a return to growth in March, with the headline figure rising to 51.3 in March from 49.4 in February, helped by an unexpected improvement in the manufacturing sector. The Caixin China General Services PMI (Purchasing Managers' Index), based on a survey by financial information service provider Markit and sponsored by Caixin Media, came in at 52.2 in March, up from 51.2 in February. (more...)

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