Samsung Galaxy S7 And S6 Figures Will Be Crushed
- January 14, 2017

As more and more rumours related to the Samsung Galaxy S8 come in, we can't help but notice the heavy inspiration taken from the Apple's latest offerings. The Home key has also been moved on to the screen and the finger print reader now lies under the glass display. With an unveiling pegged for Mobile World Congress , reports surrounding the Galaxy S8 have picked up in pace. (more...)
Bizarre Ruby Seadragon Filmed In the Wild for First Time
- January 14, 2017

With 30 minutes of video of two of the fish, they came away with a lot of new insights - and surprise at how the ruby seadragon differs from its kin. Scientists have recently captured a video of a ruby seadragon. According to the video, red seadragons live in sponge reefs unlike weedy and leafy kinds that call algal reefs, seagrass and kelp their home. Scientists studied the elusive species and revealed new details about their anatomy, habitat and behavior. (more...)
New theory suggests how the moon may have really formed
- January 12, 2017

But studies of lunar samples brought back by the six Apollo landings show no such mixture. Furthermore, in a typical impact, different proportions of that object would have ended up in the Earth and the moon, leaving a detectable difference between the bodies. (more...)
Asteroid Almost Collided With Earth While You Were Sleeping
- January 11, 2017

The average distance of the Moon to Earth is about 239,000 miles (385, 000 kilometers). 2017 AG13 had an unusually elliptical orbit, and it crosses the orbit of two planets Venus and Earth. Skyes proposed NEOCam , a space telescope to detect asteroids, but it can detect closer objects. 2017 AG13 isn't so big it would have meant an extinction-level event had it been a direct hit. (more...)
NASA MIssions To Study Metallic World And Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids NASA MIssions To Study Metallic World And Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids
- January 07, 2017

The new mission, Psyche will explore some unexplored parts of space. Lucy will build on the success of NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, using newer versions of the RALPH and LORRI science instruments that helped enable the mission's achievements. (more...)
Fed Minutes Show More Interest Rate Hikes Coming This Year Fed Minutes Show More Interest Rate Hikes Coming This Year
- January 05, 2017

At the December meeting, the Fed forecast that it could increase rates three more times in 2017. Market reactions to the USA presidential election and the expectation of aggressive fiscal policy drove officials to hike interest rates last month, the minutes also showed. (more...)
USA cops seek Amazon Echo data for murder inquiry USA cops seek Amazon Echo data for murder inquiry
- December 29, 2016

The police were immediately suspicious when they found that the water of the hot tub was tinted red and that Collins had injuries suggesting a struggle-including cuts on an eyelid, a bloodied nose, and swollen lips. Apparently, more focus is now on Bates' smart water meter than his echo because of the excessive amount of water he used when Collins was allegedly killed. (more...)
Fiat Chrysler Ready to Recall SUV's that could Suddenly Stall
- December 24, 2016

The company has PEG ratio of 0.53. While in the same Quarter Previous year, the Actual EPS was $0.16. The current share price indicates that stock is -38.93% away from its one year high and is moving 62.02% ahead of its one year low. Many analysts have provided their estimated foresights on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. Earnings, with 6 analysts believing the company would generate an Average Estimate of $0.43. (more...)
Glen Hansard Is Having A Sing-Along Outside Apollo House Glen Hansard Is Having A Sing-Along Outside Apollo House
- December 21, 2016

You've probably heard a lot about Apollo House lately with Glen Hansard, Jim Sheridan, Damien Dempsey et al have led an act of "civil disobedience", by turning it into a shelter for Dublin's homeless. He said: "What they're doing is raising awareness that we have empty buildings all over the place, some of them owned by the State, while there are people sleeping on the streets". (more...)
Murdoch's Fox acquires UK's Sky network Murdoch's Fox acquires UK's Sky network
- December 17, 2016

As part of the deal, Sky headquarters will stay in London and continue a £1 billion ($1.25 billion) expansion of its headquarters. This bid is from Fox which owns television and film businesses. "We're not buyin' it". The company has paid record sums to air Premier League matches and keep ahead of BT Group Plc, which also broadcasts some of the league's games. (more...)
Snow expected this weekend Snow expected this weekend
- December 11, 2016

Saturday until 4:00 a.m. Monday . "Areas located along Highway 30 and to the north can still expect to get the heaviest amount of snow at 6-12". This will put an end to the accumulating snow as the change to liquid precipitation occurs. The snow will start as temperatures begin to rise, reaching a high of 32 Sunday and 33 on Monday . Snow is expected to develop Saturday night into Sunday morning, peaking in intensity Sunday afternoon. (more...)
NASA Saturn Mission makes first ring-grazing Plunge NASA Saturn Mission makes first ring-grazing Plunge
- December 08, 2016

The mission will end in September, when Cassini will dive into Saturn's atmosphere. During its journey, Cassini has made numerous dramatic discoveries, including a global ocean with indications of hydrothermal activity within the moon Enceladus, and liquid methane seas on another moon, Titan. (more...)
'Mannequin Challenge' With Guns Goes Wrong in Alabama, Leads to Arrests 'Mannequin Challenge' With Guns Goes Wrong in Alabama, Leads to Arrests
- December 08, 2016

Officers arrested Kenneth Fennell White, 49, and Terry Brown , 23. Mannequin challenges are meant to be fun and entertaining videos where people freeze in various poses while someone walks around and films them from different angles. Michael Salomonsky. A gun-wielding Mannequin Challenge video led to the arrest of two men and the seizure of several firearms and marijuana at a north Alabama home. (more...)
Dylann Roof's lawyers plan few, if any witnesses
- December 08, 2016

District Judge Gergel entered the courtroom. Roof, wearing a gray striped prison jumpsuit, stared down at the table in front of him. Bruck said he may not call any witnesses during the guilt or innocence phase of the death penalty trial because there is little question Roof committed the slayings. (more...)
One Second of Bad Data Doomed Mars Lander One Second of Bad Data Doomed Mars Lander
- November 27, 2016

Artist's impression of the Schiaparelli lander on Mars. Roberto Battiston , President of Italy's ASI space agency, shares that the ExoMars is essential to the European scientific exploration. The vehicle's heatshield, having served its objective, was released at an altitude of 7.8 km. Conceived as a technology demonstrator, Schiaparelli was supposed to give the learning experience for Europe in going ahead with the Mars mission in 2021. (more...)
Janet Jackson is 'doing well' Janet Jackson is 'doing well'
- November 21, 2016

She ended the tweet with an Arabic expression of relief meaning 'praise be to God'. The star and her husband Wissam Al Mana were rumoured to be expecting after Janet postponed the second leg of her world tour earlier this year. While the singer supposedly already knows the sex of her baby, the gender has not been publicly revealed but it's been said Janet is planning to pay tribute to her late brother Michael Jackson when she names her baby. (more...)
What A Trump Presidency Likely Means For The Climate
- November 14, 2016

Even if the United States withdraws from the agreement, cooperation between China and the USA will continue, Chen said. Secretary of State John Kerry has previously said that the U.S. "So we will wait to see how the next administration addresses this", he said. The plan calls for scaling up financing to that level by 2020. Several scientists warned that the planet likely will reach unsafe levels of warming if President-elect Donald Trump fulfills his campaign pledges to undo President ... (more...)
Why Seabirds Love To Gobble Plastic Floating In The Ocean Why Seabirds Love To Gobble Plastic Floating In The Ocean
- November 12, 2016

Researchers found that seabirds eat plastic debris because it looks and smells like food. DMS is released when animals such as krill consume algae, and previous research has revealed that it serves as a type of dinner bell for tubenosed seabirds like albatross and petrels by alerting them to the krill's presence, which just happens to be one of their favorite meals. (more...)
Nicola Sturgeon orders intervention in Brexit legal case Nicola Sturgeon orders intervention in Brexit legal case
- November 09, 2016

The Minister of the Brexit, David Davis, considered yesterday likely that those views would take place in December, and said that that timetable would be compatible with the will of May activate Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which would start negotiations with the European Union, before the end of March 2017. (more...)
Mass Effect Andromeda Introducing New Choice System Mass Effect Andromeda Introducing New Choice System
- November 09, 2016

Following the release of the trailer, members of the team have answered some questions regarding the game , revealing some interesting tidbits. He has a female counterpart too of course and there are a tonne of male, female and something-else aliens for players to interact with and no doubt have intimate relationships with. (more...)